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April 2-9 2021 - 2021

Xerox Transfer, Watercolor Monoprint,


38" x 48"

Being honest and sharing personal aspects of someone’s life is a difficult task. Out of fear of oversharing or becoming too vulnerable, people tend to put up boundaries to protect themselves from worry or judgement. April 2 - April 9 2021 explores the relationship I hold between myself and others. I decided to document eight days of my life consciously, so that I could share what happened with the viewer. I journaled about what I did each day and kept all of my receipts for everything that I bought. I decided to play with the concept of boundaries through the use of xerox transfers, in order to inverted, ghost-like prints onto the large, white, cotton sheet, making the text difficult to read. Instead of pasting images that I took, I included small drawings representing moments that were important to me. Even though I made the task difficult, I encourage the observer to try to decipher what I wrote and what I bought because people are nosy and curious.

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