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Artist Statement​

Sabrina Sherman is a Montreal and New York-based interdisciplinary artist who explores themes of care and discomfort. Their work has been presented at the VAV Gallery, Art Mûr, Soft Square Gallery, and more.

Human interactions are a difficult yet necessary part of the quotidian. Navigating them through video and installation allows me to express my experiences in a relatable way. I make interdisciplinary installations that explore themes of human relationships and care through the lens of supportive and comfortable environments that attract the viewer and confront them with complex subjects. My materials include items that I interact with on a daily basis or items that had a previous life before me, through family or strangers. Material exploration is an integral part of my process as collecting is often the source of my inspiration. I’m interested in manipulating natural objects and placing them in conversation with human-made ones to question the value of the final creation. I destroy my materials in order to put them back together and give them a new life.

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