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everyday is the same

everyday is the same is a video based piece that invites the audience to the

daily life of a student during the COVID-19 pandemic. The day is repetitive and exists

predominantly on a screen (computer, phone or both). The piece is intrusive by showing how I

exist on the computer but still the viewer can’t see everything: my phone screen is covered, the

food preparation process is omitted, I shower off camera. It’s boring, you may not make it

through the whole thing, it’s curated to be short, but it’s honest. I’m not making it anymore

interesting than it really is.

Due to our internet presence, our existences are linked. Even though the main idea behind the

piece is to watch me exist through my computer screen, it’s impossible to say that it’s only about

me. I open facebook marketplace and I see posts by people that I don’t even know. I open

Messenger or iMessage and the viewer sees who I text and gets a glimpse of the topic of

conversation. By sharing my screen, I am sharing parts of everyone else’s lives. It’s harder to

escape our internet presence than to exist with the others.

watch in full screen for best result

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